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About us


As a partnership enterprise, Wisdomaid Group was founded by Mr.He Mu, in shanghai,1996. Ourserviceis
to provide a comprehensive solution forany marketing business,
to construct a systematic marketing system and to create a comprehensive market competitiveness ", so as to enhance business sales and brand value.

Wisdomaid Group now has 9 sub-branches, accounting around 200 professionalconsultants,With successful story and consulting experiences for more than 400 clients, Wisdomaid Group gained a good reputation as ‘No.1 national consulting brand ’ because of our large scale, wide influence and perfect service. 

We are possessing the most professional and powerful expert team in China, to service our national and international clients with our experience of management, marketing and manufacture in different industries.Over 80% MBA, and 95% bachelor or master staff in our expert team, they are all came from the famous national/international universities, in business management and economics major.
Our expert team have years operational experience in strategy, marketing, branding, HR, management, manufacture, investment areaThe 82% of our consulting experts have ever worked on senior positions, as regional manager, GM, marketing director, sales director, and so on.

Wisdomaid Marketing Consulting Project

  1. Market Research
  2. Marketing Strategic Planning
  3. Brand planning and brand operation implementing system design
  4. Product Strategic Planning and Price dish combination design
  5. Innovative channel planning and designing
  6. Spreading planning and communication plan
  7. Regional market development planning and model market operation consultant

Marketing organization construction and human resource planning innovation management means design
Terminal business capacity improvement plan and operation consultant
Marketing mix strategy the implementation of national or regional marketing plan

    • Marketing system makes enforcement system
    • Expert advisor marketing education training